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We work as a team, supervised and organized in such a way, that our job will be done before you realize. Naturally we always give the best and very special care, to your harwood floor, furniture or any object of value.

Our work is simply one of the most detailed one you will ever have.


What is Plastering? Plaster is a process to which is done by using "blueboards". A Blueboard is a specific type of gypsum, a board made for plastering. After having hanged the blueboard all seams are well taped using fiberglass meshes. then A heavy gauge of metal corner bead is then installed to all  corners on the outde. 

After a coat of plaster has been applied to all the seams and corners, then followed with a thin coat of veneer plaster all over the entire surface of it.  This process takes a littel time. The plaster is then "worked" until its hard and smoothed. 


The Drywalls Systems are used everywhere nowadays, some say even more frequently in commercial applications today as to residential buildings.

Drywall processing is consisted of installing sheetrock, Then, taping all seams and filling all the screw heads using joints compound, which are both ready mix and powder form. Usually  total of three coats of "mud" are used to get a smooth evenly detailed finish.

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