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we are a professional paint & home IMPROVEMENT contractor company.
licensed and insured.
 HIC#  208155

We  serve  MA, NH, RI


Our mission at Hilux Pro Paint & Home Contractor is to serve ours customers  with honesty, respect and dependability. With excellence in the paint and home improvement industry, our team are confident we can tackle any job you may have in for us. 

From selecting the right crew to power through houses and facilities to our most detail oriented painter for amazing finishes or helping you choose the right color or paint, we can handle the task. 

When choosing Hilux Pro Paint & Home Contractor for your painting, remodeling and renovation needs you can count on quality products, superior customer service and a staff that takes pride in their work. 

As we know, finding the right team can be overwhelming. We want you to have the best experience as we help your property come to life and we strive to deliver on our promise of care and quality. 

With our professionals by your side, the process will be easy and convenient - leaving you time for what matters most!



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